About Sanjo Fabtech Sterling

Permanent formwork system which is an alternative building technology.

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling is an Alternative building technology which is a permanent formwork system, where in two-cellulose fiber cement boards are used. It uses High Impact Molded Inserts bonded between two sheets of cellulose fiber boards in situ and erected to produce a straight-to-finish wall. Filling the entire structure with concrete then creates a monolithic structure. Additional load capacity can be obtained by providing extra reinforcing bars and/or increasing the grade of the concrete. From structural concrete walls to thermally insulated walls especially designed for hot and cold climates, this patented technology can meet every need.

Key Features

Speed, economy, strength and simple to use

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling technology saves you from the hassles of brickwork and plastering. It is very well integrated with conventional columns and beams. Its erection takes just one-third of the time when compared to conventional systems which results in quicker installation and lesser dependency on skilled labour. Sanjo Fabtech Sterling technology also allows for non load-bearing walls. Using a lighter fire rated mix of concrete, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications such as residential high rises, commercials and industrials. As a result, we can witness substantial weight reductions , improved fire rating and maximum sound absorption.

Key Features

  • Increase in site production by as much as 300%
  • Range of custom manufactured modular walls available
  • Lightweight concrete system
  • Speed, economy, strength and simple to use
  • Resistant to rainwater and rising damp
  • Fire-rated to 60 minutes

Additional Features

  • Ideal for warm climates as zero rendering is required
  • Not limited to any type of architectural plan
  • Requires less skilled labour
  • Durability
  • Acoustic sound reduction
  • Thermally insulated walls
  • Eco-friendly

Benefits of our technology

  • Pre-engineered walls manufactured off site
  • Suit any design or architectural requirement
  • Fast, hygenic and economical
  • Thermal insulation for hot and cold climates
  • Modular load bearing system
  • Cost effective
Industry Approved

Utilized for single or multi story construction.

Amongst many of our international approvals one of the bodies to back our technology is Agre’ment South Africa, which is the highest form of approval in the construction industry in South Africa. Along with their approval we also have the full backing of the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council). The technology has been approved for all types of construction such as residential use, commercial use, clinics and schools. It can be utilized for single or multi story construction.

In order for us to achieve the approval from Agre’ment South Africa, we had to put our technology through numerous test such as: Fire rating, Water penetration, Thermal, Acoustic, Structural and Durability test in which our technology well surpassed that of any traditional construction.


Schools & Clinics


Ablution Facilites


Residential Units
Becoming a franchisee

A bringing superior standard of quality to the construction industry

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling possess the rights and license to use and grant others the rights to use the specialized experience, know-how and skill in the establishment, operation and marketing of a distinctive building related product and the application thereof as well as the rights to use the product and the intellectual property.

Sanjo Fabtech Sterling has decided to franchise out our patented technology in the hope of reaching a greater footprint and to bring a superior standard of quality to the construction industry. In order for an applicant to be granted a franchise certain criteria need to be met, please contact us for more information

Current & Completed Projects

Thanks to Our Excellent Franchisees, We Have Successfully Completed Many Projects

  • Sicelo Shiceka
    Pilot Project: RDP Walkup Units

  • Chief Albert Luthuli
    Human Settlements: Duplex Walkups

  • Classrooms
    Eastern Cape

  • Parys House
    RDP Project

  • Classrooms

  • Tsakane
    Human Settlements: Duplex Walkups


Head Office

  • Sanjo House, 5 Commerce Place
  • Eastgate Ext, Sandton
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • South Africa

Contact Details

  • Telephone 086 11 SANJO (72656)
  • Fax 086 10 SANJO (72656)
  • International Telephone +27 11 254 7001
  • International Fax  +27 11 254 7002

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